In India, the number of lottery tickets is dozens of times greater than ever before. You can legally purchase tickets from anywhere in the country. With so many options available, it can feel like you’re overwhelmed. And you can have a hard time figuring out which sites are really worth using.

For you, we have compiled a list of the best online lotteries in India. You can choose the site that suits you best from the list below. Our lists are based on our own experience of buying a lottery ticket online as well as evaluating it according to several parameters. The sites we have listed are not just our favorites or the most popular lotteries online in India at the moment.

Can you be new to the online lottery in India? Don’t worry, this guide is for beginners and experts alike.

This list contains the best online lottery sites in India.

Is online lottery legal in India?

Online lottery legal in india

The lottery has long been part of Indian culture, and many people try their luck at state lotteries. In all Indian states, online lotteries are completely legal. This is because there is no law that restricts the operation of online lotteries in India. Moreover, legal online lottery in India app is very many and you can identify them by the presence of an official gaming license. This license is a guarantee that you are safe, as well as your personal data. Thus, by choosing any of the online lotteries presented below, you are completely clean before the law and you can not fear for the safety of your winnings. 

Types of lottery in India

Types of lottery in India

Every one of us has bought a lottery ticket at least once in our lives and looked forward to the results of the game. Online lotteries are a great option for entertainment. There are several options for lotteries and interacting with them. 

Online lotteries are a unique opportunity to participate in a prize draw from the comfort of your home. Whereas regular lotteries need to be purchased separately. 

So, let’s break down what types of lotteries you might encounter. You may encounter two types of lotteries: online lotteries and lotto bets.

In online lotteries, you buy a ticket and can win the jackpot. If you win, the entire amount will be credited to your account.

Lottery betting sites are lottery sites that allow their users to bet on a specific outcome of a game. So, instead of buying lottery tickets, you simply bet on lottery numbers.

India’s best lottery site

Every user in India today has access to thousands of online lottery services. But not all of them are reliable and worthy of attention. Especially for you, we have conducted an analysis and from the huge number of lotteries, we have chosen the most worthy options that may be of interest to you. All of them are legal in India and comply with the laws of the country, which is a key factor. With our list, it will not be difficult for you to choose the best option for you and start playing today. 

Lottosmile in India

Lottosmile one of the most popular lotteries

Lottosmile is one of the most popular lotteries where there is a real opportunity to make good money. The game is fully optimized for Indian users, including rupee and Hindi language support. Also, a huge advantage is the ability to make payments using the most popular payment systems Neteller and PayPal and many others. There is a good deal for newbies – if you lose the first ticket you buy, you get a refund of the money you spent on it.

Lottoland India

Lottoland one of the most popular lotteries

This is the newest lottery in India, but the ones that can be trusted. Its peculiarity is that it promotes a new and modern approach to the lottery business. The essence of this approach is this: you bet on the outcome of the draw, not on the purchase of a ticket. It is very interesting and definitely worth a try. The company supports many modern payment systems and many currencies, including INR. There is an interesting opportunity to get your winnings in installments. 

Lottokings India

LottoKings is a lottery agent site

LottoKings is a lottery agent site that offers its players much more than what has become a standard gaming niche. Here you will find lotteries and raffles that can give you a huge amount of positive emotions. LottoKings is far from a new lottery site. It has been providing its services all over the world, including India, for a long time. It used to be called – For many years, this reliable lottery service has helped players from 140 countries find their favorite lotteries online. And thanks to its customer-oriented approach, it was able to earn a huge number of positive reviews. 

Lotto247 in India

Lotto 247 is a lottery service

Lotto 247 is a lottery service, the essence of which is to bet on instant games, the participation in which does not cost much at all. But despite this, the amount of winnings is impressive. However, the number of such games is small. To make payments, there is a huge choice of payment systems, among which you are sure to find the right one. Lotto 247 supports Hindi, so all Indian users will be happy. 

Thelotter India

Thelotter one of the most popular lotteries

TheLotter was founded in 2002 and is one of the leaders in the online lottery market. It has a long tradition of lotteries and offers a wide range of games that players can try. The system welcomes users from all over the world and offers a simple registration process and a user-friendly interface.

Thanks to this, people can play international lotteries online. They have more than 50 lottery games at their disposal, which play the biggest jackpots in the world. This service has been in existence for more than 14 years, providing attractive and user-friendly online lottery services. 

Multilotto India

Multilotto one of the most popular lotteries

It is the most popular and one of the oldest lotteries, which has been on the gambling market for more than 10 years. It stands out for its reliability and competitiveness against younger options. The portal uses any currency of your choice for all financial transactions, including rupees. You are also free to choose any payment method presented on the official website. All these are available in rupees.

Lottogo online

Lottogo one of the most popular lotteries

Lottogo is the only company founded in Great Britain and headquartered in London. The world-famous games are available there: IrishLotto and German 6aus49. You can play by buying a lottery ticket as well as by betting on the outcome of the draw, just like in sports betting. Moreover, payment in INR is available for all Indian customers here.

Betwinner India

The BetWinner site is not a typical lottery site

The BetWinner site is not a typical lottery site. Although it runs many popular international lotto games, it offers much more.

With its launch in 2018, BetWinner has become a very popular online bookmaker. It currently provides users with live sports betting, as well as casino and lottery games.

Although the site is relatively young and does not yet have a name, it has already gathered a strong audience among lottery players from India. Many people around the world will join this company. But if you decide to use the services of this service, you will do it with the maximum benefit. That’s why BetWinner has an official gaming license, as well as fully legal access to play in India. 

Netbet lotto

Netbet lotto

Registered in 2001, NetBet is a self-respecting independent online lottery where you can both buy a lottery ticket or play slot machines. All these years, the firm has developed and improved.

Today NetBet is a site where you can meet any of your needs in one place.

They have a large bingo library and even their own poker room available to their customers!

The page itself has a nice look and feel and is easy to navigate. It looks professional!

Netbets can be found in both Hindi and other languages. Not so long ago, NetBet added the popular Pay’n Play options to their list to make the service even easier to use.

How to play the online lottery in India?

play online lottery in india

Have you chosen a lottery that meets all of your criteria? Now it’s time to learn how to play it and buy your first lottery ticket. It is very easy to start playing online lotteries for all of India, even if you are outside of India. Playing is easy and doesn’t take much time. It takes you no more than two minutes to participate in any lottery game. And the cost of tickets is very low and you don’t need anything other than a computer, tablet or smartphone to play online. To buy tickets, you need to do the following steps:

  1. Go through the verification and registration process at the site of your choice;
  2. Go to the official website or use the mobile app
  3. Replenish your gaming account; 
  4. Choose the lottery you want to play;
  5. Manually select numbers using the number selection grid or generate a random set of numbers;
  6. Click “Continue” to confirm your purchase;
  7. Wait for the drawing to end. 

By completing these simple steps you will become a full-fledged player in the pursuit of happiness. Then you should only rely on your luck and intuition. But when you win, you’ll be able to afford a lot, because the winnings are really overwhelming. Don’t miss your chance and buy a lottery ticket now!

How to win the lottery online in India

win lottery online in india

Numerous lotteries are extremely popular and easy to play and win regularly. You can win record jackpots in lotteries such as Powerball and Mega Millions. It’s a lot easier than you think. Although there are no one hundred percent guarantees and you only have to rely on your luck. In order to increase your chances of winning you can do the following:

  • Choose the right game. Now for the most important step, choosing the right lottery game. The lottery in 2022 will be very diverse. State or national lotteries can be used for multiple draws, and you can have multiple games in each lottery. That’s why we want to know what the odds are for each player in each lottery;
  • Look for lesser-known lottery games. Well-known lotteries such as Powerball and Mega Millions attract millions of people with their huge jackpots. Although they look appealing, we would recommend that you don’t just pay attention to them. As a rule, a less popular game has a higher chance of winning. If you get the lucky ticket, you’ll be the first winner. But if you divide the prize money equally among the winners, it can lead to complete disappointment in the game;
  • The second chance lottery should not be ignored. With a second chance, you can get another chance to win something without having to buy new tickets. Many lottery games have this option and it can be very lucrative;
  • Creating a Syndicate. A lottery syndicate is a group of people who share money to buy tickets. According to many people, it is one of the most popular lottery games, both in person and online. When a winning number comes up on a ticket, the prize is divided among all participants based on their contribution to the pool. If you wish, you can start your own group or simply join one online.

So, following our tips you can increase your chances many times over. And if you are asked how to win a lottery online in India you will know what to answer. Now take everything that has been said and start catching your luck by the tail!

Online lottery payment methods in India

Online lottery payment methods

The popularity of lotteries in India is growing and with it the number of new users. One of the most important parameters when playing the lottery is the available payment methods. It is very important to choose a convenient one so that making a deposit and withdrawing funds is easy. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the payment methods available on online lottery sites in India.

Here are the most popular payment methods that you will be comfortable with:

  • UPI;
  • PhonePe;
  • Paytm;
  • Indian net banking;
  • VISA;
  • Mastercard;
  • Skrill;
  • Neteller;
  • AstroPay Card.

Choose the most convenient for you personally and use it with pleasure. The speed of crediting depends on the method you choose and your bank, but in any case, everything is pretty fast, so you have nothing to worry about.